Adjuvanz Pte Ltd; a spin-off of Syntech Engineers with 50 + staff in design, manufacture and the field, has been found to focus primarily on the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

By and large, we are also serving the API, food, cosmetics and fine chemicals industry of Asia, as long as quality-levels and GMP-standard´s require first-rate technology from reputable equipment suppliers from Europe and the USA.

Adjuvanz Pte Ltd has put together a portfolio of top-class engineering experts, machine manufacturers and system integrators for the medicine markets of Asia to provide the full service from basic plant engineering to performance qualification in accordance with the major GMP requirements of European Pic's, the USA FDA regulations and Australian TGA.

Among others, following systems can be offered from world class machine manufacturers out of Japan, Europe and the USA:

  • pharmaceutical, analytical and galenical development
  • personell, decontamination airlocks, laminar flow booth’s
  • semi and fully automatic formulation dispensing systems
  • rapid mixer and fluidbed-granulators / dryers / drying ovens
  • one pot granulators / vacuum dryers (with microwave)
  • continuous granulation, wet and dry, with PAT
  • container blender (IBC), stationary blender up to 20 000 ltr
  • static, mobile handling systems for factory internal logistics
  • powder vacuum conveyors for the pharma/food industry
  • rotary tablet presses, single / double feed, also with CIP
  • tablet press tooling, punches, dies, turrets, accessories
  • sugar coating pans and perforated drum filmcoaters
  • semi and fully automatic Clean In Place (CIP) systems
  • vision technology based powder granule / tablet checkers
  • tablet testing systems for weight, dimensions, hardness
  • tablet friability and disintegration testers, also for IPC
  • tablet dedusting machines, integrated with metal checkers
  • rigit tube filling of tablets for effervescent applications
  • barrier isolators, glove boxes, laminar flow process lines
  • high containment double split valves for API’s / secondaries

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