In pharmacology, adjuvants are drugs that have few or no pharmacological effects by themselves, but will increase the efficacy or potency of other drugs efficiently when given at the same time.

We at Adjuvanz Pte Ltd Singapore are able to offer the same, improving and enhancing your production by acting catalytic - not dominant. This is guaranteed with our engineering know how, equipment and on site service for the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medicines in Asia.

Singapore is the premier pharmaceutical manufacturing and clinical development hub in Asia, home to world's leading players such as American Home Products, Sanofi-Adventis, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, Glaxo SmithKline, Schering Plough, Pfizer .... In addition, leading medical devices companies such as Baxter, Becton-Dickinson, and Siemens have substantial R&D and manufacturing activities here.

The integrated research network of Singapore, the multi disciplinary technical resources for basic and translational research has attracted pharmaceutical and biotech companies to improve decision-making in research and development and accelerate innovation in Asia. The expansion of Singapores Biopolis is an important initiative to meet the increasing requirements of companies wishing to benefit from the growth in Asia.

International pharmaceutical companies with research and development offices in the Biopolis include Abbott, Lilly, Glaxo Smith Kline, Merck & Co, Novartis and Takeda. New biotech companies at the Biopolis include Inviragen and FORMA Therapeutics. Today, 4300 scientists in over 50 companies and 30 government research institutes, university clinics and hospitals are active in the area of biomedical research and development. In 2011, for research and development more than 700 million U.S. dollars have been spent.

In October 2009, Singapore was admitted to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD). Because of its OECD-MAD-status, NOW the pre-clinical data of Singapore's GLP accredited research partners and CROs, such as Maccine are accepted by about 30 OECD and 30 non-OECD members, including the USA, the European Union and Japan.

"With the closely related research community and clinical research infrastructure in Singapore, companies can quickly develop cost-effective and sucessful therapies for the Asian and international markets. In just one decade, Singapore has become a key partner for biotech and pharmaceutical companies wishing to accelerate drug development in Asia" says Professor Edward Holmes, Chairman, National Medical Research Council, and Deputy Chairman, Biomedical Research Council (A*STAR), Singapore.

Adjuvanz, strategically located at Link road close to the new “Pharmapark” of Singapore is local enough to serve the “Big Pharma” customers within minutes but, because of the excellent infrastructure with Changi Airport nearby, as well being able to also support customers in the whole Asian region on short notice within hours.

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